FIGHT WARS is movie fight game similar to games like TEKKEN, DOA or others. It contains characters of various fighters skilled in various martial arts who fight against each other. But the result of the battle is always in your hands. How doest it work? We set up fighters - characters for a battle and introduce them in special trailer. And you decide who of them should be the winner of this battle by voting through our website. After deadline for voting we will release the version of the battle with winner that was chosen by you in a voting. Second version – with winner who you did not choose in voting will be available to download for a fee.


Who of these fighters should be the winner of this fight game battle? Which version of their fight you want to watch? Version with Marshall as the winner or Turner as the winner? Vote here:
Who you want to be the winner?
Final results of your voting:
TURNER - 52 %
So in the voting of this Battle #1 you chose Turner to be a winner.
If you want to see version with Marshall as a winner go to

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