Italian martial arts expert VALENTINO SOLINAS in his first martial arts movie. It was few years ago when group of men did a big robbery. Unfortunately one of them was catched and arrested. But he never uncovered his accomplices. All those years in a jail he was just thinking how he spend his share one day. One day when he will be released. Now that day has come. And he is back. His name is SKYLER... Starring: VALENTINO SOLINAS, ROBERT BRAZ, JOHNNY PRIBULA, DAVID BARATH


Game continues.... In 2013 we brought to you our martial arts movie FIGHT GAME as a new level of Fight club´s movies project with brand new generation of our fighters. And we received a lot of positive reactions with requests for sequel. Well now it is here. FIGHT GAME 2 comes with new fighters, each of different fighting style in six fights. Let the game begin again! Starring: MAROS MIGRA, MARTINA ONDROVA, DOMINIK SAWICKI, VLADIMIR SOLCANI


Four fighters. Each of different fighting style. Six fights. One game. One winner. We are bringing you four brand new fighters - new generation of our Fight club project. Taekwondo, kung fu, capoeira and MMA - which of them will win this competition? Watch this movie now to find out. Starring: DAVID BARATH, MARTIN CSASZAR, VLADIMIR SOLCANI, ERIK TUZINSKY


World karate champion, an icon of martial arts LUCA VALDESI from Italy in his first martial arts movie. Story of two fighters who know each other since their childhood. Best friends trained by the same master. They both should become a great fighters. But then something happened and their paths were divided. Now Eric is a champion of martial arts. He developed his fighting skills into very successful career and it makes him respected master. Jacob is outsider. His life is almost in ruins. The only place where he can show how he can fight is a street. Now they meet after many years. Jacob blames Erik and their former master for his ruined life and career.He sees a chance to make a revenge for all that happened years ago. So he challanges Eric not just to prove he is better than him. Battle starts and they will fight as never before... Starring: LUCA VALDESI, JOHNNY PRIBULA


Night of Blood and Escaper´s star ROLAND HORVATH, world karate champion PETER KOPIS and karate fighter RENE ADLER in rough fight story that is not about pride, not about honor and also not about glory. It´s just about kumite. Better don´t underestimate small fighters. Sometimes they are much more skilled then you would expect... Starring: ROLAND HORVATH, PETER KOPIS, RENE ADLER


There are rules... And there are also rules that you can not accept... Taekwondo master JOHNNY PRIBULA this time faces extra strong fighter - taekwondo, kickboxing and kung fu world champion ROBERT BRAZ. Fight that´s too violent, too bloody and too rough. Can they accept this rules of fight? Starring: ROBERT BRAZ, JOHNNY PRIBULA

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